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InfyData What You Get/Our Product

You need to know the right executives to approach regarding planning , and that is what InfyData delivers. Our database identifies the key decision makers within each of the Fortune 1000/Small and Medium corporations... but it does much more than that. You get all the information you could possibly need in order to prepare yourself to do business.

There is no substitute for being informed & prepared – InfyData gives you a competitive advantage when you are up against your rivals, seeking to provide services in an increasingly tough marketplace. You need every asset you can have in your favor... and InfyData might just be the most important weapon in your arsenal.

What InfyData Gives You

Are you curious to see what is inside our company reports that makes InfyData so special? Here is a complete breakdown of the data you will receive for each company contact in our online Fortune 1000/Small and Medium corporation database:

  • Contact Name – The name of the decision maker you need to contact. Having the correct name of the executive responsible for within the company is crucial to being able to effectively present yourself for professional consideration.

  • Corporate Title – The decision maker's exact title, with department & any affiliations also listed. This tells you at a glance the decision maker's place & function within their corporation's operating structure.

  • Email Address – Direct email address for the contact. This is not a general email address or an assistant – this email address is verified to go right to the contact, for personal attention.

  • Telephone Number – Get past assistants & gatekeepers and reach the executive you need to talk to. There is no more effective sales tool than being able to speak directly to the decision maker you need – this number is verified to be correct.

  • Mailing Address – Complete mailing address, to ensure that any mailers of supplemental material that need to be sent will get to the right person. If applicable, office number will be specified.

  • Company Overview – Basic information about the company – headquarters location, number of employees, areas of operation, markets, and more. All the data you need to have a working knowledge of the company and its practices.

  • Unlimited Downloads – Users have an option of downloading the lists in CSV/TXT format

  • That is more decision making information in one place than you can find anywhere else... at any price! You have everything you need at your fingertips – with this information, your company has a competitive bidding advantage in any situation.

    How to Purchase

    Purchasing access to InfyData is easy, and designed to meet your needs for ongoing, accurate information about decision makers in Fortune 1000/Small and Medium corporations around the world:

  • Subscription valid for one year
  • Database is updated constantly, you always have access
  • Unlimited ability to download , print and email
  • Other providers only offer online access, or sell lists that are not updated, or severely limit the duration of your access. InfyData gives you 365 days of access... it is the best deal you can find, and the perfect fit for companies that need an edge in the marketplace.