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InfyData Expertise/How We Do It

For corporate companies & consultants, in order to market your services you need to know exactly the right person to talk to. Viewed from the outside, a corporation's executive structure can be a bewildering maze of departments, officers, and conflicting agendas. That is why it is absolutely crucial to have an insider's view if you want to sell to them.

InfyData provides our clients with a privileged look inside each corporation in our database. You have access to the decision makers that have the final say on all issues: what is needed, how urgently, and how much is budgeted for services. Knowing the corporate landscape before you go in with your sales pitch has incredible advantages:

  • You never waste time talking to the wrong executives.

  • Access the top-level decision makers, and avoid being slowed down by gatekeepers, lesser    executives, & planning committees.

  • You can plan the most efficient & effective path to success.

  • If the company has multiple decision makers, you can plan several lines of attack.

  • Remove the tedious data-gathering burden from your own staff, and let them return to doing     what they do best... selling!

  • The idea behind InfyData is quite simple, but the hard work we perform on behalf of our clients requires both skill and diligence. Want to learn more about our process? We are happy to share some of the details behind our strategies.

    How We Gather Our Decision Maker Data

    At InfyData, we have honed our data gathering techniques to embrace best practices & outstanding results in all areas. Our research team operates in-house, ensuring that we can leverage our incredible experience & skills to deliver the best results.

    Data gathering takes many forms, and you can be sure that we compile & verify our corporate decision maker data thoroughly. We contact each company in our listings directly to find out the names you need to know:

  • Phone interviews

  • Online questionnaires

  • Direct email contact

  • Review of corporate materials – investment materials, press releases, promotional materials,    and more

  • Detailed corporate research

  • We do not rely on secondhand accounts, 'Googling' companies, out-of-date materials, or purchased leads. We do all of our own research, and triple-check results to ensure that the data you receive is up-to-date, accurate, and actionable.

    Keeping the Decision Maker Data Up-to-Date

    Up-to-date listings are crucial, and we take special pride in the extra effort we take in maintaining their accuracy. Where other companies take a file-and-forget approach that results in listings that age rapidly, we work harder than ever. Each contact in our database is checked every 60 days to make sure that they are still valid. This diligence means our clients are never behind the curve when it comes to decision making changes.

    Decision Making Is About More than Just Contacts

    Knowing the right person to talk to is half the battle... knowing where they fit within the company, and how that company operates, is the other half. Sometimes just talking to the right decision maker is enough, by why take that chance?

    InfyData removes the guesswork. Not only do we provide you with the right executive to contact regarding decisions, we also give you a list of the executives around them, strategies announced by the company, and an overview of the company itself. More information means more ways for you to exploit your own strengths & relationships, so your team can get in there and make a successful pitch for your services.

    We are sure that once you have had a chance to see the incredible advantages that InfyData can provide to your planning & execution, you will never want to approach a corporation about issues without our assistance & expertise.