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InfyData Frequently Asked Questions

InfyData Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do you get your information?
A. We use a variety of techniques to get our corporate decision maker information, each one designed to return accurate & complete information. Our research takes several forms – interviews, questionnaires, review of shareholder & promotional materials, and more. We check and cross-check to ensure accuracy. We NEVER buy information or use other providers' lists.
Q. Are most corporations cooperative about revealing their contact information?
A. Some corporations are very helpful, because they wish to streamline access for services providers. Other companies are more guarded... these are the companies we specialize in researching. We have contacts around the globe who are willing to help in our research, and our staff is experienced & trained to find out the details of even the most secretive major companies. When data is difficult to locate, that is when InfyData rises to the occasion to get you the contact information you need.
Q. How often do you update your database?
A. Each contact is re-checked every 60 days to keep our information relevant. This is how we ensure that our clients have access to the best data that is available regarding decision makers.
Q. How often do you add new companies to your database?
A. Every day! Our research team is constantly adding dozens of new companies & contacts, in real-time. Our clients always have access to decision making movers and shakers around the world, and that includes new companies and those that have recently restructured.
Q. Do you take requests for information about companies that are not currently in your database?
A. Yes. As long as the company is a medium-to-high net worth company, we are happy to put in the work to make contact details for its decision makers available to you.
Q. What types of companies are featured in your database?
A. We have contact information for the services decision makers for a huge range of companies in the Fortune 1000. Our database is one of the most comprehensive that is available. If you are a services provider looking to market your products, your search for clients begins on InfyData.
Q. What markets does your database cover?
A. Our database is exceptionally complete. We have information for companies in every industry, around the globe. Reviewing our database of decision makers could reveal new prospects & clients in regions you had no idea were experiencing explosive business growth, rapid development, and the need for in order to be brought up to international standards.
Q. Once I have signed up for a subscription, how do I access your database?
A. All of our corporate and contact information is available on our online database. You can access it online, and have unlimited ability to print & download. Access is 24/7, and updates are activated in real-time.
Q. Do I need to know exactly who to contact regarding services? Won't my pitch make its way to the right person?
A. Making your pitch for services to the right executive – the one ultimately in charge of decision making – is crucial. Exposing your proposal to additional executives only increases your chances of receiving a 'no' or being held up by junior employees with no definitive say in the matter. In the meantime, while you wait, you could be getting scooped by a competitor who has fast-tracked a proposal by going straight to the decision maker. Talking to the wrong executives could be costing you business!
Q. Is it really that difficult to find out this contact information – can't the average services company handle this in-house?

It might not be hard to find the correct information for one or two companies (although it could take some luck), but the hidden cost of that effort is that your team is not focused on what it does best and what is most profitable – selling your services. The InfyData research team is experienced in compiling accurate information quickly & efficiently. We take away the need for tedious research, and deliver the best results.