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InfyData About Us

What Makes InfyData Stand Out

It takes a set of special talents to create a successful corporate services information company, and at InfyData we have worked diligently to put all of those crucial pieces together. As a data provider targeting an intensely competitive industry, we provide our clients several definitive advantages to help achieve our shared goals.


Our ability to deliver exceptional results begins with experience. The InfyData team is comprised of former and personnel executives & decision makers – their firsthand experience as corporate advisors is the bedrock on which we have built our professional solution. This experience separates us from the crowd of service providers, and is a competitive advantage that we pass along to every one of our clients.

Our management executives combine to have decades of experience in the corporate sector. This intense level of practiced, on-the-job proficiency informs everything we do professionally, from gathering data & formatting it efficiently, to problem-solving and knowing where to look for the most difficult to locate contact information. We are proud of our abundant professional experience, and we know that our many clients value the perspective that comes with our long history of service to the industry.


Our staff does not just rest upon its experience – we are highly trained at gathering and processing information, and have a foundation of skills & talents that uniquely position us to understand the data needs of companies & consultants. Our team enhances its enviable skill set with ongoing certification, planning , and professional seminars in every aspect of compliance & personnel matters, in order to maintain our position at the forefront of the industry.

Clients can always count on us to supply the corporate information requested, the data needed, and the expertise to guarantee that it is up-to-date and effective.


We pride ourselves on knowing that no matter our individual strengths, we only truly thrive professionally when working as a team – InfyData is greater than the sum of its many parts. In all phases of our solution, from planning to execution to customer support, we require constant communication between one department and the next. This ensures that our work blends harmoniously, and our individual talents work to support one another and facilitate success.


If we didn't love our jobs, we could never reach the heights of success that we have achieved in such a short time. At InfyData, our commitment to our clients is what makes every minute of hard work worth it. We are a close-knit group of corporate data researchers, and each one of our employees was chosen in part for their single-minded determination to provide the very best in customer service.

We take great pride in our outstanding work, and we never settle for anything less than professional excellence. At InfyData we expect the very best from ourselves, and we pass along that commitment to excellence in the work we provide to our clients.

The Outstanding InfyData Team

Staying on top of the corporate decision making world takes a lot of hard work from a number of talented individuals... so who is it that is keeping busy and getting everything done at InfyData on a daily basis?

Management Team

We have been very lucky to assemble a team of the best & brightest executives, who combine experience in the corporate decision making industry with the exceptional knowledge to be able to approach the industry from the direction of providers & consulting. Our management team has put in place an operational framework that allows the company to build on each success and establish a lasting reputation for quality service & customer care.

Verification Staff

The heart & soul of InfyData, our talented and hard-working verification staff works non-stop to ensure that all of the information in our database is accurate and up-to-date. They tirelessly call and email companies, conduct interviews, review corporate literature, and assemble our incomparable Fortune 1000/Small and Medium services decision maker database. All contacts are reviewed every two months to ensure they are correct. Our verification staff is our most potent weapon in maintaining our place as an industry leader.